Why do I need to update WordPress websites?

When we tell clients that we like to build websites in WordPress, they are usually aware of some the great features that it has, such as easy to use text editors and image upload functions, secure login, and lots of possibility for expansion, thorough plugins and custom software. The only push back we ever hear is about security. They’ve heard about hacks to some of the popular WordPress plugins, and are worried that their site could fall victim. I don’t blame them! But as we all know by now, you can’t believe everything you read online, especially without reading around the subject a little. If you update WordPress websites regularly, they are very safe indeed

Like any other online platform, WordPress is susceptible to hacking, but unlike smaller CMS platforms, WordPress puts out regular updates to protect users from hacks, fix little bugs, and improve its features. Next to a secure password, keeping your site updated is the single best thing you can do to keep your site safe. So how can update wordpress websites? It’s easy!

update WordPress websites from dashboard


Update WordPress Websites Core and Backup your Site

When you log into your dashboard, you may see an alert that a new version of WordPress is available. Happily, the process to update WordPress websites pretty easy. Just click PLEASE UPDATE NOW and then UPDATE NOW, and the newest version of WordPress will be installed. But before you update, make sure that you have a backup of your site. This is very important because every now and then (we’re talking about one in a hundred here) a WordPress update will conflict with something in your site, and you’ll need to restore from a backup. Even though this is rare, you’ll be pretty bummed if it happens to you, so install a backup plugin like UpdraftPlus for piece of mind. Once your backup is done, go ahead and click update.

Backup your Plugins

Now, it’s time to update your plugins. Again, there’s a small chance that an update will break something, but not to worry since you’ve got your backup in hand. You’ll know if your plugins need updating if there is a little orange circle on the plugins tab.



We recommend updating plugins one by one, so you can check the functionality of your site in between. That way, if something does break, you know which plugin is responsible.  To do this, navigate to the plugins page, and simply click UPDATE NOW on each plugin that calls for it.



Now check to make sure your plugins are working properly, and you’re DONE!

So as you can see, the process to update WordPress websites is a pretty easy, and has a huge return, but if this doesn’t sound like something you want to add to your to do list, not to worry. Get Online NOLA provides monthly maintenance packages for only $70/month.

why you need to update wordpress websites


Our monthly maintenance plan includes:

  • Weekly Database and File Backups
  • Weekly Core Software and Plugin Updates on Live Site
  • 1 Hour of Phone or Email Support ($100 value)
  • Monthly Report on Overall Website Health, Traffic, and Analytics
    Click here to download the full maintenance terms.

Want to start saving money and securing your website?  Call 504.482.1096, or click here to email us.

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